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This is a CNSL resin modified with LINSEED LONG OIL ALKYD RESIN respectively supplied in 80% , 70% , 50% solid.

Recommended Users

It can be used as a medium for

1. Synthetix dark colored Enamels.
2. Red Oxide metal primers.
3. Signal Red.
4. Olive Green.
5. Black Enamel.
6. Insulating Varnish.
7. Cycle Enamels.
8. Aluminium Paints.
9. News Printing Inks.
Colour : Reddish Brown
Clarity : Clear
Gel Tail : Absent
Viscosity (40% in MTO at 30 degrees) : 25 to 120 seconds
Non Volatile : Solids as specified
Specific Gravity : 0.95-0.96
Acid Value : Less than 12
Gloss : 90 minimum
MTO Tolerance : 1:Infinite
Scratch Hardness Air Dried : 1200 gms
Flexibility & Adhesion : Excellent
Surface Dry : 50-60 Minutes
Tack free Dry : 2 Hours
Hard Dry : 6-7 Hours
The film is resistant to water , acid (2% H2SO4) and alkali (1% sodium hydroxide) and 5% sodium bi-carbonate solution and gives good anti corrosive properties.
LEAD 1%,COBALT 0.1%, MANGANESE 0.25% as metals on the solid content of the resin are recommended. If required the proportion of the manganese can be increased upto 0.3% for better effects. After addition of the driers ageing for 24 hours is recommended.
218kgs/18kgs Drums
This product can be supplied as per customer choice if any or against different specification .
CNSL resins & varnish should not be ground with all types of inorganic pigments as a safety measure to avoid fattening & further polymerisation of the end product . to avoid this problem varnish & pigment should be ground separately in case of pigments like zinc chrome, persiun blue, lemon chrome etc.