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This is a Cardanol Resin and it is supplied in 70%,55%,50% Solids.

The CNSL has got wide range of applicability for making raw materials for
1. Paints.
2. Printing Inks.
3. Compositions with high outdoor durability.
4. Used in substitution of alkyds in enamels.
5. Furniture coatings.
Colour : Golden Yellow
Appearance : Semi Solid
Viscosity (40% in MTO at 30 degrees) : 25 to 30 Seconds
Non Volatile : Solids as specified
Specific Gravity : 0.92-0.93
Acid Value : Maximum 5
Scratch Resistance : 1000 gms
Flexibility & Adhesion : Good
Surface Dry : 30-40 Minutes
Tack free Dry : 2 Hours
Hard Dry : 4 Hours
The film is resistant to water , Acid (2% H2SO4) and Alkali (1% sodium hydroxide) and 5% sodium bi-carbonate solution and gives good anti corrosive properties.
The storage stability of this resin is satisfactory for 6 months. However the recommended storage temperature is 25-30˙c and container should not be exposed to heat.
Lead octoate 18% - 1.0% , cobalt octoate 6% - 0.1% , manganese octoate6% - 0.1% as metals on the solid content of the resin are recommended. After addition of the driers ageing for 24 hours is recommended. After addition of the driers ageing for 24 hours is recommended
200kgs/20kgs Drums / Barrels
This product can be supplied as per customer choice if any or against different specification .
In case of reactive pigments such as zinc chrome, zinc oxide, basic lead sulphates etc. It is advised that they are not ground with main pigments in the resin as there is a possibility of reaction. It should be added only end allowing slight grinding for proper dispersion.